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Personal Tracking

Tracking for those who are vulnerable due to age, working conditions or personal circumstances.

Whether they’re a child, a Lone Worker in a remote or dangerous area or situation or someone elderly or unwell who just needs a bit of a watchful eye over them, ITS personal trackers help you keep track of those who are vulnerable.  Our range of trackers extends from basic SMS GPS location devices through to two way and satellite communication.  For Satellite Tracking Please Click Here

For further information on specific GPS personal tracking solutions click on the links below:

ITS 016

The extensive range of Lone Worker Protection Systems

is specifically aimed at helping to protect those workers who operate in dangerous territories and are particularly vulnerable to injury or attack.



ITS 019

MyKids… Peace of Mind for Kids and Parents

ITS MyKids GPS is a small and powerful GPS, GSM/SMS tracking device which is designed for personal remote positioning and emergency reporting.

ITS 020

SeniorSafe GPS… Peace of Mind for You and your Loved Ones

SeniorSafe GPS is a compact GPS, GSM/GPRS tracking device that allows for easy location find, alerts and SOS reporting as well as two way communication.